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Some Background Info

I was born in New York City in the early 60’s the youngest of three. My Father, a WWII vet, (Army 3rd Engineers), sent his 2 oldest boys off to Vietnam, both joined the Army, I guess you could say the military was part of my family like most Americans.

In the 70's, my Father introduced me to his passion for wood working, I was too young to understand carpentry, but I enjoyed hanging out with the ol' man. Mr. Earl (my dad) owned a small company called E&L Fibers, he built custom wood paneling for living rooms and dens.
I as the dutiful son helped my Dad and learned as much as I could until the late 70’s when I broke from the family "Army" tradition and joined the Marine Corps instead . . . OooRahh!

My family moved from New York to Cape Cod Mass and in the Early 80’s after the Corps, I followed them to a small town outside of Falmouth. I began working with my father again, doing carpentry and home construction. Over the next 15 years we built everything from finished basements to furniture to patio decks for homes on Cape Cod.

In the mid 90’s I met a young woman from Montreal Canada, we dated for a few years, and after a whole lot of traveling back and forth, we finally married in 2002.

We decided that living in Montreal would be a good idea was extremely close with her family. For me, . . . . heck I was 6 hours from New York and 6 hours from Cape Cod so this was an acceptable move.