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Breech Ka-Bar Display Case

Made from solid cherry, The Breech is a custom designed case for displaying your Ka-Bar or your favorite blade. .

Measure 14"x3.75"x 4.025" and can be made to any custom length (within reason). Dual anitque brass clasps and hinges and custom engraving, inlayed with copper.
Resting on 1/4" foam padding and solid cherry feet.

There are 3 styles of Breech
Basic: 14" no engraving.
Custom: 14" 1x line engraved.
Personal: 14" 2x line engraving.

Breech Styles
Engraving Text

Image left shows types of engraving and the differnt lenght of Breech cases.

As stateted, 14' is the normal length for the Breech featuring Ka-Bars, The Case I did for Capt Hondo was for a custom made Buck Knife at 18" in length.
If you need an off-size Breech let me know in a contact email.

Engravings are inlayed with copper or Bronze, unless you request otherwise .