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Military Emblems

Hey Gang, lets talk about plaques and emblems. I do not manufacture bronze Plaques or Emblems but there are a few companies I have found that do an awesome job.

The tables I design were meant to have Bronze Plaques in the center, This look sets off the artwork dramatically, unfortunately the plaques are expensive as you can imagine and run anywere from 200 to 500 dollars.

I do however offer a wooden version of your Military Branch Emblem which I do cnc carve and looks exemplary. I would be more than happy to build for you if you choose to go this way. My goal is to get you the best looking commemorative possible.

The Companies I found who can offer you the best looking products are:

Plaques and Letters . com

A Bronze Plaque . com

The Plaques and Letters Company offers Bronze and Aluminum version of your individual Unit Emblems.
I designed the Wall Units to accommodate an 8 inch version of that Plaque. If you do not see your Unit emblem don't be discouraged,  they can cast any design. let me know what your unit is and I will draw up the layout and send it to them.