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28 February 2016
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The Breech Design


The Ka-Bar Breech Display Case is the newest design I have come up with, I thought it was time for a change.

So I lost my original Ka-Bar somewhere between here and 1983, where exactly it went to I do not know. 2 years ago I ordered a new custom engraved Ka-Bar from Sgt Grit and wanted to display it. I looked around on the internet for a case and wouldn't you know it, I found nothing that I liked. All the display cases were the same, Square, with glass or the 2 pieces of wood which held the blade at both ends, Blaa boring . . . .
I decided that I would come up with something new, I'd been working on this metal inlay techniques and thought it might be cool to incorporate that into a new Ka-Bar case. however, the first order of business was to get away from the usual square design, and if it's not square then it is round, enter the cylinder. "Into the Breech once again".

The design you are looking at is hand carved and inlay-ed with Pewter, I built this the hard way with a router and chisel just to get a solid idea of the design concept. The engraving was done with a Dremel by hand, but the Mrs said to drop this idea for the production run as cnc milling would leave cleaner lines. Right now the custom engravings are simple, in the future I will offer new concepts like having your division emblem engraved in the top along with your branch name, or various combinations.

This is my design folks, an original, I came up with it, as of today I see no other design like this being made. I am sure others will follow because this thing looks bad ass, I guess that is a form of flattery, but for right now This is my baby



Ralph Curtis

Posted by Ralph Curtis