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29 November 2015
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Ironsides Re:Build


The redesigning of Ironsides was the catalyst for the entire company relaunch. I decided that the Breech and Ironsides introduction would be enough warrant a new marketing campaign and website redesign.


The original cost of Ironsides was around $2400, that was in large part due to the custom iron work required to ornament the design, believe it or not forging iron is expensive and the forges in my area are incredibly high end. The redesign of the table cuts the price almost in half and keeps the original concept intact. What was changed in the new design was the flattening out of the 20 degree arch in the table leg design and the changing of the magazine shelf from iron to being made out of wood.

The ornamental design process now involves milling the design cavity out and filling it with iron inlay, This process now being done in house cuts down on outsource expenses by half.

Ralph Curtis

Posted by Ralph Curtis