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The Breach

The Breech

The Breech is an elegant display case for featuring your Ka-Bar Knife. This new design breaks away from the old square box and steps out onto a new road of possibilities. Made from solid hardwood cherry and aged to a slight burnt red hue, this piece is guaranteed to set off your desktop or den space.

The Breech measures 14" long and has a 3 and 3/4" diameter. it sits 3/8" off of your table surface and presents a low profile. The Breech also offers 2 styles of engravings, Your name, rank, and branch display which I call your personal moniker or a generic version with your Branch name or Branch Acronym.

The Engravings are CNC milled and filled with Copper inlay, then shinned to brilliance and topped of with a high gloss finish. This is a magnificent piece. and a welcomed change from the usual. (knife not included)

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Weight: 4 lb

Breech Engraving

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The Breech is a custom engraved case for your favorite Ka-Bar Knife. Currently there are 2 styles,
Frist is a personalized version cnc engraved with your name, rank and Military Branch.
The second is an engraved version with just your Branch name, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines,
or any acronym there-of.

Also be advised that in order to receive special engraved products you must register on the site so you can provide me with the correct information to be engraved.