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The Wall Units


Quarterdeck Display Case

The Quarterdeck Display Case is meant to store Ribbons, Medal and Images, as well as a commemorative side arm if you desire. The version here has an 8" bronze plaque of the 2nd Marine Division Emblem.

This Wall Unit Display measures 48" Long x 9" Wide x 14" Height  and is made from aged  solid Oak Wood. The glass doors are 1/8" tempered glass with or without your branch emblem laser engraved in the face.
( Bronze Plaque Sold Separately )

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Weight: 35 lb


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The glass doors for the Quarterdeck Wall Units come with or without your Branch Emblem engraved.
On the product page, Please specify with Engraving or without.

Also be advised that in order to receive special engraved products you must register on the site so you can provide me with the correct information to be engraved.